SPECIAL EDITION Sulfate free shampoo




Vlutase special edition comes with a pink purple packaging and different fragrance of Sulfate Free Shampoo which is most seller and most lovely product of all time.

VLUTASE sulfate free shampoo is an mega-gental formulated shampoo, is designed to tame hair and scalp in need of flexibility. It is ideal for very sensitised, colour treated or chemically treated hair. Unlike most sulfate-free shampoo, VLUTASE has strengthen the formula with salicylic acid to decompose grease and remain silicon. VLUTASE sulfate free shampoo not just contain 0% percent of sulfate but also 0% of silicon, diglycol, dioxane and added pigment. with combination of salicylic acid it leave a fresh and clean effect on the hair and scalp for a light and healthy style.


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