About Us

It is our pleasure at k2vlutase.com to provide our client and customer with extraordinary hair product shopping experience.


In K2 & Vlutase we believe everyone deserves to feel handsome and pretty with a smooth hair and healthy scalp. Solving all hair and scalp issues by using our professional hair care product to enjoy effective result and help increase all our client confidence level. Only the best products make it on our site, all brands and products are critically analysed and evaluated to ensure we only provide the best hair care to styling product with the highest quality, integrity and ease of use.


K2 & Vlutase is a MALAYSIA made product and brand it has been in the local market for 18year and still going on, K2 & Vlutase has covered 1.6k professional salon in MALAYSIA including Sabah and Sarawak. K2 & Vlutase is the only MALAYSIA made hair care product that successfully enter/export to China market with a very strong base in MALAYSIA. K2 & Vlutase has over 80+ product from the rage of daily hair care, treatment to styling.  Our goal is to provide our customer a tip top service and exceptional product to solve all kind of different scalp and hair issues. This committed to offer our customers the best is generally essential to the sensational growth we have experiences for the past 18 years.