What is Sulfate free shampoo ?

Many people might be curious what is sulfate free shampoo? some might pronounce it a as sulphate, some might sulfate. There’s no right or wrong, its just depending on how you spell it. Sulfate free shampoo is a growing trend in the haircare industry. But do you know what’s sulfate really are and how does it affect us? or maybe what advantage does sulfate free shampoo able to do? K2 & Vlutase has investigate the truth behind sulfates, as well as what advantage does sulfate free shampoo provide.

What is Sulfate? 

Sulfate is a name to describe a chemical react with sulfuric acid and forms salt. In the market there are different kind of sulfate to be used in different industry, we can commonly find in our daily use household product and cleansing product like shampoo, body wash, face wash, for house hold product like dish detergents, cleansing product, laundry detergents and more. The most commonly used sulfate in shampoo is made of petroleum and plant oil, which is (SLS) sodium lauryl sulfate and (SLES) sodium laurate sulfates.

Why sulfate contain in shampoo?


The reason why sulfates are contained in shampoo is because it helps achieved the ‘clean feel’ and it also produce the nice foaming action that we are known to get while rub during bath. Sulfate also help remove grease in our hair by rinsing off the sulfate lather, because sulfate provide a thick lather that we associate with cleansing. Sulfate will attract both oil and water, which makes them a great surfactant. While one molecule attracts the unwanted oil particles in our hair, other clings to the water and that’s how ‘clean feel’ is form.

What does sulfate do to your hair?


We believe this is the most concern question to everyone, when it comes to shampoo, sulfate may be a very efficient cleansers – but maybe a little too efficient – it can pull a lot of natural oil from hair and scalp. They’re so good at cleaning that they can actually strip your Hair of its natural oils and make if feel rough, dry and brittle. They can also cause dryness and irritation on your scalp. And that’s the reason why, now a days many consumers are searching for a shampoo that are non-sulfates.


What’s the different of Vlutase Sulfate free shampoo compare to other?


 “Vlutase Sulfate free shampoo” quite obvious, it is a Sulfate-free shampoo, so you won’t find any sulfates in this shampoo, it’s totally 0% of sulfate. Unlike other Sulfate free shampoo, Vlutase has strengthen the formula with salicylic acid it helps decomposed grease and remain silicon on your scalp by not overdoing it and remove the natural oil. Besides that, Vluatse sulfate free shampoo is a neutral level shampoo that stand on PH value 6. Other than just sulfate free it’s also a non-silicon, non-coloring, non-diglycol and non-dioxane shampoo. Without all these substances it makes Vlutase Sulfate free shampoo an ultra-gentle shampoo that safe and suitable for Kids and Elders.