Why using Macadamia as main ingredient in Vlutase?

As the main ingredient, the Australia Macadamia ternifolia seed oil is a cold press from the nuts of the Macadamia tree, which is easily found in Australia where the nut is actually fall from the tree and husk. The colour of the oil is in gold colour, compare to cooking oil or any other oil, it is light, non-greasy and easily absorb into the skin and hair shaft. The oil it has a slight nutty flavour and is one of the highest sources of essential fatty acid.


 The golden yellow oil coming from the Macadamia nut is similar to other plant oil, it’s very rich of emollient and nourishing fatty acids which make it an ideal choice for dry hair type. Because Macadamia oil is high in oleic acid oil with contain of 50 – 67% oleic acid and only 0 – 5% linoleic acid. The Macadamia oil is easily absorbed and makes the skin and hair soft and supple because the unique property is that it contains high amounts of rare fatty acid called palmitoleic acid 12 – 25% that provide macadamia oil a “cushiony” feel.


In Vlutase argan oil, which also contain Macadamia oil, it gives the user a natural 3-4 spf which is naturally from the macadamia but not added chemical substance, it able to help the user protect their hair but not getting a sunburn and stay nourishing all the time. The macadamia oil is easily absorbed by skin as it’s close to human skin habitude, which allow Vlutase argan oil get absorbed in to the hair in less than 1 minute and provide a moisturizing and protective experience to the user all the time.